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How does The Walking Dead fare in Netflix’s latest viewership report?

Netflix Report: The Walking Dead’s Viewership & Platform Success Factors

How does The Walking Dead fare in Netflix's latest viewership report

Netflix has just unveiled its inaugural What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report, offering an extensive glimpse into viewership patterns on the streaming platform. This report will become a biannual release, presenting a comprehensive overview of popular content consumed by audiences. Notably, The Walking Dead boasts impressive viewership numbers despite not being globally available.

The report meticulously dissects each season of the series, detailing hours watched, premiere dates, and the title’s accessibility across different regions. Netflix is leading the charge in divulging viewership data, surpassing other streaming services except for YouTube. This new report marks a significant shift by broadening its scope beyond the traditional Top 10 rankings while still aligning with similar trends. In total, it covers an extensive catalog of over 18,000 titles.

Presently, Netflix stands as the exclusive platform offering all eleven seasons of The Walking Dead. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the hours viewed for each season:

  1. #62 Season 11 – 136,800,000
  2. #170 Season 10 – 72,200,000
  3. #173 Season 3 – 71,600,000
  4. #192 Season 2 – 67.700,000
  5. #216 Season 4 – 62,300,000
  6. #218 Season 5 – 62,000,000
  7. #231 Season 6 – 59,800,000
  8. #245 Season 7 – 57,400,000
  9. #275 Season 8 – 53,000,000
  10. #295 Season 9 – 51,200,000
  11. #361 Season 1 – 44,600,000

The stats for season 11 are quite impressive, though not entirely surprising. As the final season with a total of 24 episodes, it drew in many viewers – even those who had stopped watching the show in earlier seasons – eager to discover how the story wrapped up.

Interestingly, one startling statistic revolves around season 1, often hailed by fans as the series’ best. Despite being beloved by die-hard fans, it’s intriguingly one of the least viewed seasons. Perhaps this could be attributed to its short length, consisting of only six episodes, which aligns with the typical pattern for inaugural seasons in The Walking Dead Universe series. Nonetheless, it remains a favorite among dedicated followers, making its lower viewership numbers somewhat unexpected.

Netflix viewership report

How does The Walking Dead fare in Netflix's latest viewership report

Netflix’s recent statistics highlight that success on their platform isn’t solely measured by viewing hours. Other crucial factors include audience engagement and the scale of viewership in relation to economic viability and the title’s impact.

Here’s the video released by Netflix during their call with reporters.

Quick summary

  1. Netflix’s Report Unveiled: Netflix introduces its inaugural Engagement Report, spotlighting The Walking Dead’s robust viewership. It breaks down seasons, emphasizing engagement beyond mere viewing hours.
  2. Success Beyond View Counts: The report redefines success metrics, highlighting audience engagement, economic viability, and title impact as crucial factors. This shift marks Netflix’s commitment to transparency and sets new standards in analyzing content performance.
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