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‘Tomb Raider’ TV Show Enlists Writer from ‘The Marvels’

Megan McDonnell joins Prime Video for Tomb Raider TV series

Tomb Raider

After contributing to projects like “The Marvels” and the upcoming “Agatha: Darkhold Diaries,” Megan McDonnell has set her sights on a new venture. According to Variety, the accomplished writer has joined the Prime Video team for an upcoming television series based on the beloved Tomb Raider video game franchise. Having delved into Captain Marvel’s adventures in her previous work, McDonnell now turns her creative energies toward reimagining Lara Croft’s saga. While the adaptation of this iconic video game series is still some distance away from gracing the streaming platform, McDonnell’s recruitment signals significant progress for the project.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Phoebe Waller-Bridge, best known for her work on the acclaimed series “Fleabag,” would be scripting and executive producing the new Tomb Raider TV series. Reports also indicated a collaborative effort between Prime Video and MGM to construct a cinematic universe around Tomb Raider. Consequently, a movie adaptation is also in development, intended to intersect with the television series. Both endeavors currently reside in the pre-production phase without any confirmed release dates. Prime Video has yet to unveil which project takes precedence in terms of premiere, leaving audiences intrigued as more talent comes aboard.

Tomb Raider

The most recent appearance of Lara Croft, whether on the big or small screen, was in the 2018 Tomb Raider adaptation starring Alicia Vikander in the titular role. Just before “Avengers: Infinity War” dominated the global box office, Lara embarked on a quest to find Himiko, the mythical Queen of Yamatai, following her father’s lifelong pursuit. While the movie garnered $274 million worldwide, it faced modest success, hampered by pandemic-related challenges and a complex development process that impeded the sequel’s production.

Megan McDonnell’s Work at Marvel Studios

Tomb Raider

Megan McDonnell’s initial foray into scripting for the Marvel Cinematic Universe came with her role as a staff writer on WandaVision, the groundbreaking series that marked the franchise’s debut on Disney+ in 2021. McDonnell’s return to the fold involves her collaboration on The Marvels, working alongside director Nia DaCosta and Elissa Karasik. With the notable success of these impactful female-driven projects, it’s a strategic move for Prime Video to bring McDonnell aboard the creative team for the forthcoming Tomb Raider TV series.

Quick summary

1. Megan McDonnell, renowned for Marvel projects, joins Prime Video’s upcoming Tomb Raider TV series, signaling significant progress in reimagining Lara Croft’s saga. Her work on “The Marvels” and “WandaVision” highlights her expertise in female-driven narratives.

2. The article outlines McDonnell’s transition to the Tomb Raider series, Prime Video’s collaboration with MGM for a cinematic universe, and the simultaneous development of a movie adaptation. It also recaps the previous Tomb Raider film’s challenges and McDonnell’s impactful contributions to Marvel Studios.

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