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How did Carol’s Journey end on The Walking Dead series?

Melissa McBride is set to reprise her role as Carol in the upcoming second season of “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon,” now subtitled “The Book of Carol.” Her return follows her appearance in the first season of the spinoff, laying the groundwork for her character’s trajectory in the forthcoming season. Wondering about Carol’s fate after the main series ended?

The Walking Dead: Carol's Top 5 Kick Ass Moments

The Walking Dead bid its final goodbye with the episode titled “Rest in Piece,” which aired on AMC in November 2022. This poignant episode not only wrapped up the stories of several characters but also paved the way for the continuation of others. As the Commonwealth fell to the resistance, Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Mercer (Michael James Shaw) assumed leadership roles within the community.

During the relocation of Alexandria’s residents to the Commonwealth, Carol, true to her nature, aligned herself with Deputy Governor Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) as part of her strategic maneuvers, all aimed at the betterment of her community. Employing her trademark resourcefulness, Carol played a pivotal role in the downfall of the Commonwealth government.

Carol’s Journey Unfolds: Exploring ‘The Book of Carol’


After the fall of the Commonwealth, Carol and Daryl stepped into a revived Alexandria, witnessing its flourishing state. Paying homage to the fallen on the memorial wall, they shared memories before heading to the reemerging Hilltop.

By the riverside, Carol and Daryl engaged in a heartfelt conversation about Daryl’s impending departure from the communities. Despite their sorrow, they both held onto the belief that this change would bring something positive. Daryl expressed his pride in Carol for taking up Hornsby’s responsibilities and enhancing life for everyone. Emotions welled up in Carol, prompting reassurance from Daryl about their inevitable reunion.

As Daryl readied himself to leave, he bid farewells to Ezekiel, R.J., and Judith, the latter reminding him that he too deserved happiness. With a declaration of love, he embraced Carol, departing the Commonwealth for his new path.

In an episode of ‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon,’ a flashback showed Daryl communicating with Carol via radio from the coast of Maine, promising to return in a week. Carol’s distressed tone hinted at something significant, lost in transmission before she could reveal details.

daryl and carol on the walking dead

In the first season’s conclusion of ‘Daryl Dixon,’ Carol was glimpsed in Maine, embarking on a quest to find Daryl, who had already set sail for France. The upcoming second season will follow Carol’s determined search for her cherished friend.

The Walking Dead: Daryl DixonThe Book of Carol‘ is slated to premiere on AMC and AMC+ in 2024.

Quick summary

  1. Return of Carol in “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon”: Melissa McBride reprises her role as Carol in the upcoming second season of the spinoff series, now titled “The Book of Carol.” Following her appearance in the first season, her return sets the stage for an intriguing continuation of her character’s journey.
  2. Post-‘The Walking Dead’ Events and Carol’s Quest: The final episode of “The Walking Dead” marked the end of various characters’ stories, including the downfall of the Commonwealth. Carol played a significant role in this transition, aligning with Deputy Governor Lance Hornsby for the betterment of her community. The aftermath shows Carol and Daryl exploring a revitalized Alexandria before Daryl’s departure. Flashbacks hint at their communication, leading to Carol’s determined quest to find Daryl, setting the stage for the upcoming season’s focus on her search for her cherished friend. “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – The Book of Carol” is set to premiere in 2024 on AMC and AMC+.
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