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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Forgoes Red Carpet Premiere

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s Departure from Traditional Premiere Glitz


Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom opted out of the traditional glitz of a red carpet premiere, taking a different approach as Warner Bros. showcased star Jason Momoa and director James Wan on a more intimate scale. The studio chose to spotlight them through photo calls and smaller fan-oriented gatherings in London, Beijing, and Los Angeles, setting aside the grandeur of a red carpet event. The Hollywood Reporter’s senior film writer Borys Kit noted that instead of the customary premiere, Warner Bros. arranged a modest “fan screening” at The Grove LA on Monday. Scheduled to hit theaters this Friday, the Aquaman sequel boasts a stellar cast including Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Amber Heard, and Nicole Kidman.

Reflecting on this departure, Kit conveyed on X, ‘The DCEU concludes not with a spectacular flourish but with a quieter tone.’ Absent the usual red carpet extravaganza and afterparty, the occasion was marked by a modest yet tasteful pre-reception, a special ‘fan screening,’ with only Jason Momoa and James Wan present at The Grove, signifying the conclusion of a significant era.

Aquaman sequel hints at a fresh direction amid secrecy

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Update: Delayed Again

The upcoming installment, ‘The Lost Kingdom,’ marks a pivotal point for the DC Studios, now helmed by James Gunn and Aquaman producer Peter Safran. This signals a reboot for the DC Extended Universe, tracing back to its origins with 2013’s ‘Man of Steel.’

“I don’t see it as the definitive conclusion… [but] I think it’s more of an inevitable direction,” Momoa shared with Entertainment Tonight. He added that Gunn and Safran are eager “to inaugurate their own fresh narrative” within the revamped DC Universe.

Jason Momoa addressed the potential for revisiting his Aquaman role, emphasizing the importance of audience reception: ‘If the audience loves it, then there’s a possibility.’ However, he expressed reservations about the current outlook, saying, ‘It’s not looking too good.’ Despite this, Momoa’s fondness for the character and desire to explore its potential for the long term remained evident.

Aquaman Sequel Secrecy


Yet, as anticipation builds for the Aquaman sequel, details remain shrouded. Fan reactions and critical reviews are under wraps until Thursday, December 21, coinciding with the film’s release in Chinese theaters and shortly before its US premiere.

Speculation has swirled regarding extensive reshoots and disappointing test screenings for Aquaman 2. Director James Wan addressed these claims, downplaying the scale of reshoots: ‘We probably did seven or eight days, which is nothing for a movie of this size.’ Wan clarified the challenges of scheduling actors for additional shoots and dismissed exaggerated narratives about the film’s production.

Despite the swirling rumors, Wan emphasized, ‘This narrative has emerged that is not the reality.’ As the anticipation mounts, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set to hit theaters this Friday.

Quick summary

1. “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” breaks tradition by forgoing the glitz of a red carpet premiere, opting instead for intimate events and fan screenings featuring stars like Jason Momoa and director James Wan. This departure, marked by minimalistic gatherings, signals a shift in approach for the DC Extended Universe.

2. Amid secrecy, speculation surrounds the film’s reception, with director James Wan dismissing rumors of extensive reshoots. Jason Momoa’s uncertainty about the sequel’s reception contrasts with his commitment to the character, adding anticipation as fan reactions and critical reviews remain under wraps until shortly before the movie’s release.

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